Are you smoking and worried because of the corona-virus? Are you trying to quit smoking and the corona-virus is making you worry more about your smoking? Maybe you’re wanting to quit smoking, and you’re just curious what the latest science says about quitting smoking and the coronavirus. If that is you then this post is for you.

Make sure you read the end because at the end I’m going to give you 7 things that you can do to actually quit smoking especially if you’re fearful of the corona-virus. We are going to show you how to go from a place of fear to a place of action and actually quit.

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Now, let’s hop right into the content.

We’re going to do 3 things today. We’re going to talk about what’s the current state of the research. We’re going to try to make as quick and painless as we can.

We’re going to then look at what that means for you as a smoker, and 3rd what you actually can do about it. We’re going to do that at the end of this post because if you’re worried about smoking the corona-virus once you get the knowledge of what the current science says why wouldn’t you act on it and do something?

We’re going to look at what you can actually act on.

This information is coming from the journal of medical virology.

It’s called The Effect of Smoking on COVID-19 Severity: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Let’s explain what this is because not everyone has a background of science like me. You just need to understand what you are actually looking at.

Here’s what you’re looking at. You’re not looking at an actual piece of research. You’re looking at an analysis of all of the research.

Here’s how research works. Research is sometimes funded privately meaning a company or corporation pays for a piece of research.

When it comes to smoking and COVID-19 tobacco companies have paid for about 30% of all research. Want to take a wild guess as to the bias of that particular research? Yes, of course it is to try and disprove any link between severe COVID-19 cases or COVID-19 mortality and smoking.

What this study actually does is it looks at the sources and sees if it has a bias. If it does it removes those from their analysis. It’s really only looking at the actual hard core, scientific research that doesn’t come from bias.

That’s what this paper is.

So, here’s what’s in this paper. It looks at 1030 scientific papers and cuts it down to about the 700 to date. The very 1st research paper was done way, way back in March in China when the corona-virus 1st came out. All the way up to now there have been almost 1000, and 700 of them are real, hard core research about COVID-19 and smoking so we actually know a lot about this.

Let me give you the 3 highlights from this research, and then I’ll share with you the conclusion.

Here’s what we know from all the scientific literature. If you are a smoker and/or a vaper you have an increased risk of a severe COVID-19 case.

Patients with a history of smoking or vaping have an increased risk of in-hospital mortality. You also have an increased risk for mechanical ventilation.

What does that mean? If you’re a vaper or a smoker you have an increased risk for critical COVID-19, an increased risk of death, and you’re more likely to need a ventilator. That’s what all of these scientific papers said.

Now, let’s just look at the conclusion.

I’m just going to talk about parts of this, but this is the actual research conclusion.

Here is what it says, “In conclusion in the largest meta-analysis available amongst peer-reviewed literature we report that both current smoking and a smoking history significantly increased COVID-19 severity.”

That’s what we found out. That’s the current state of science. If you smoke or you vape you have an increased risk of getting COVID-19, and an increased risk of severity.

You also have a significant increase in mortality risk – meaning you are more likely to die. In fact, we even know that it’s 16.9% increase in mortality.

Here’s the last thing I’m going to talk about from this conclusion. It says the analysis suggests, “That smoking represents one of the most immediately modifiable risk factors to reduce the substantial morbidity associated with the disease.”

What does that mean? This is all it means. It means if you quit that’s a good thing. It will actually decrease your risk! The longer you are quit the better chance you will have of not dying from COVID-19 or having severe COVID-19.

That’s the state of the science. That’s what we know today. If you find other research out there that says something else it’s likely funded by some special interest group like big tobacco.

Let’s just look at the facts of smoking and COVID-19 before we get into what you can actually do. Here are the facts, and tell me if you see any similarities.

Let’s start with smoking and vaping because they both have all of these 4 things. We know these 4 things from science.

  1. Both smoking and vaping reduce your lung capacity.
  2. We know that both smoking and vaping cause respiratory infections.
  3. We know that both smoking and vaping suppress your immune system.
  4. We also know that smoking and vaping are inflammatory, particularly inflammatory on your lungs, but they’re actually inflammatory on your entire nervous system and throughout your body.

So that’s smoking and vaping – reduced lung capacity, respiratory infections, suppressed immune system, and inflamed lungs.

Let’s look at COVID-19. This is a respiratory disease that causes what? It causes inflammation. It attacks your lungs and decreases lung capacity. COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. That’s what COVID-19 is.

Wait a minute. Let’s just go over smoking and vape again. They reduce lung capacity, cause respiratory infection, attack your immune system, and cause inflammation.

They’re exactly the same thing!! This is why if you smoke or vape you have an increased likelihood of getting COVID-19 and getting it severely.

The risk is very high! You’re more likely to die and are more likely to need ventilation. In fact, we know that your chance of death increases by 16.9% if you are either a vapor or a smoker.

That’s the current state of research. It’s unlikely to change now that we’re at over 1000 studies. Here’s what we need to know. What can we do? How do we go from fear to a place of action because that’s really what we want? We don’t want to live in fear. We want to change.

There’s 3 things that are required for change. I’m going to tell you those 3 things, and then I’m going to give you 7 tips, tricks, and hacks that you can do to actually take action and quit.

Let’s start with what you need to do to change. Here are the 3 things.

#1. Something has to change. The 1st thing you need to have is you have to believe that something has to change. I like to describe it as you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of smoking or vaping. You have to be tired of being sick and tired of trying to quit and failing. That’s a good place to be.

#2. Something has to change, and that something has to be me. If you’re blaming the addiction you’re making yourself into a victim. When you think you’re just addicted you’re putting your power outside of yourself. If you sort of shift it internally and realize that what’s keeping you stuck is more habit and that the something that has to change is you then real change can take place.

You’re not a victim. You’re actually in a place of power and can change your habits and your behaviors.

#3. When is now. Well, I’m going to quit next month, I’ll quit when I have less stress in my life, or whatever excuse you want to put in there isn’t going to get you change. Anything that is not now is an excuse. Period. End of story.

To change you have to believe that the something that has to change is you, and it has to happen now.

You need those 3 things. Until you have those 3 things you’re never changing, and you’re never quitting. You need to have those 3 elements. That’s what’s required.

Now, let’s look at the 7 tips and tricks you can do to actually go from that place to actually attempting to quit.

The 1st thing is do your research. Reading this post is a great place to start! Go watch the videos on my YouTube channel too. For example, watch my video on the stacking method because it is the most successful method to quit smoking that’s known. If you haven’t heard of it be sure to watch that video.

Next, pick a method. It almost doesn’t even necessarily matter what method. If you do the research you’ll look at what the success rates of the different methods are, and you’ll pick either the one that’s best for you, or that you believe is best for you because that’s really important. Just choose what you believe is best for you and going to give you the highest likelihood of quitting.

So, pick a method. I always like to say make sure that method in some way, shape, or form involves stacking. Go figure out how. Watch my video on stacking. Learn how to stack. Here’s the link to it:  

Learn how to deal with cravings because withdrawal and cravings are real. They’re not imaginary. It’s really helpful if you know and understand how to deal with them. Prepare your mind for quitting smoking.

These first 4 tips that I gave you all have to do with preparing your mind for quitting smoking. If you think that how you prepare your mind for quitting smoking is to wake up 1 day and decide you’re going to quit cold turkey and you’re quitting that day you’re wrong. That is not preparing at all.

In fact, if that’s what you’re doing you have the greatest likelihood of failure. If you want to fail that’s what you’ll do. Failure to plan is planning for failure. You have to plan. That’s #5. Prepare your mind for quitting smoking which basically means plan.

Pick a quit date. That is #6.

Now, #7 is just jump! Pick a method and do it. Jump in with both feet!

Here’s what you need to know.  Seven percent of people can quit cold turkey. What we know about those people is we know they have an IQ of 150 or higher, and they tend to be overachievers.

I do not have an IQ of 150. I was not able to quit that way. I had to quit using stacking. I am not alone. Ninety-three percent of us quit with the aid of a program. This means you have to plan and prepare.

Let’s go over these 7 tips again.

  1. Do the research. Learn. Look at all the different methods and their success rates.
  2. Pick a method. My suggestion is pick a method that uses stacking.
  3. Learn how to stack.
  4. Learn how to deal with cravings. This is part of planning and preparing.
  5. Prepare your mind for quitting smoking. Download my eBook on how to prepare your mind for quitting smoking. It has a whole plan in there and steps about how to do it.
  6. Pick a quit date.
  7. Then, just jump!

The only way change ever happens in life is by somebody taking a bold step forward, and trying to do something that they themselves didn’t even expect they would do. When you act boldly unforeseen incidences come and happen to you. That helps you to get to where it is you’re trying to go.

Hopefully this post was helpful to you. Remember I’m putting the link to my calendar here so you can book yourself into a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Thank you so much for your time and attention. Blessings to everyone. I’ll talk to you soon.