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So you want to want to quit smoking?

The "Secret" To Quitting Smoking For Life!

Discover What You Need To Know About Quitting Smoking And How To Final Be Done With Smoking For Life...

The Benefits Of The Program Are Described On The Home Page, This Is A Description Of What’s Included In Your Program

Your Program Uses A Very Powerful Quit Smoking Method Called


We Use 3 Different Ways To Attack Smoking As All Other Models Only Use A Single Way

We Use The Following 3 Methods:

#1 For Your Conscious Mind

#2 Treating It Like An Addiction/Habit

#3 For Your Unconscious Mind

Why Use Only 1 Method To Quit? All Other Quit Smoking Programs Only Attack It From 1 Part Of Who You Are! But Your A Whole Person So We Treat You That Way - As If You Were A Whole Person

Your Program Includes Two Sections:


Note: The below is only a description of part one of the program. For more information on part 2 of the program please feel free to contact Ted Bradley directly at

Chapter #1

Chapter #2

Chapter #3

Chapter #4

Chapter #5

Chapter #6

Chapter #7

Chapter #8

Chapter #9

Chapter #10

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Part #1: Your 1 on 1 Session with Hypnotist Ted Bradley CHt

After you compete the first portion of the online program the real work begins. You will schedule a 3 hours session with me to change your unconscious minds relationship to smoking forever. In this part of the program we will reprogram your unconscious thought process so that quitting smoking becomes easy. We will do the deep work that is required to quit for life! This session is fun, enjoyable and easy. So get ready to change your life for good!

Part #2: To Quit Smoking For Life Full Online Program!

This is a Full 10 Video Course teaching you everything you need to know about why quitting smoking is so hard. You will learn all about the Addiction and Habit of smoking. You will learn the neuroscience behind how your brain works on cigarettes and what the real secret is to quitting smoking. The course also covers in detail the science behind stress smoking and how to end it for good! You will also learn about cravings and exactly how to beat them for life!

Bonus #1: Reduce alcohol Consumption - Hypnosis

This Hypnosis session is for those that want to drink less. This might be to lose weight or just to be healthier.  Want to consume less so that you can still enjoy a drink but not pay the price for two days? You can stop the cycle!

Bonus #2: Healthy Food Choices - Hypnosis

Hypnosis for making healthier food choices. We all know that daily struggle when we get hungry? Its the little decision about do I eat a piece of fruit or a candy bar that is the difference between being overweight and slim. Imagine not having to struggle with that choice day in a day out. Imagine it being easy for you.?

Bonus #3: Increase Self Confidence - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for Increased self Confidence will take your personal game to another level. One of my most popular products. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling good in every way and ready to take on the day. Having not only the energy but the mindset to crush it every single day. Imagine what you can accomplish!

Bonus #4: Eliminate Stress - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for Eliminating Stress. In this powerful hypnosis session you will be amazed at the power of Hypnosis go have all your stress just melt away in moments. This alone has change the lives of thousand of our members!

Bonus #5: Manage Cravings - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for managing cravings of any kind. With the powerful session you can eliminate any craving for good. It could be sugar, pasta or anything that is that thing you just can not resist. Well now you can!

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