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How To Quit Smoking For Life! Even If You Have Tried Everything!

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So you want to quit smoking for life? but you’ve tried everything under the sun to quit smoking and failed time and time again!

To make matters worse you:

  • Tried the patch
  • Tried the gum
  • Tried the quit smoking drugs and suffered all the horrible side effects
  • Tried Vaping and actually increased your nicotine intake

But its even worse than that, not only have none of those things worked you are also losing:

  • Money every time you light up (Average Smoker spends $5,000.00 per year)
  • Losing your relationships with those that don’t like that you smoke
  • Losing the respect of your children and loved ones
  • Living in shame of your dirty habit
  • Losing 14 years of your life! You are actually giving up 20% of your life because you fail time and time again

You are not in control! Because if you were, you would not be smoking. The smoking is controlling you.

How much worse could it actually be?

The crazy part is you don’t even want to have all the above but you do and you can’t stop it. You are totally and completely powerless to smoking. If you weren’t – you would not be a smoker today. Period end of story. Last year 468,000 North Americans died from smoking! Not a single one of them thought it was going to be them. Its always you! No one ever thinks its going to be them.

You know all of this. I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. But here’s the crazy part; after you read this you are going to go and light up a smoke, anyways. You are not in control; not one single iota of control. How insane is that?

I have good news for you! There is a easy and drug free way to quit smoking for life! Imaging living a life free from the bondage of smoking. Imagine yourself waking up tomorrow and:

Being totally and 100% back in control of your life for good!
Saving $5,000 every year and using some of that money to sit on a Caribbean beach for two weeks!
Being able to look your children and family in the eyes knowing that you kept your word and you don’t smoke at all!
Having your pride and self-worth back!
Living the long and healthy life you were always meant to have!
Taking back those 14 year of life!
Literally regaining 20% of your life back!

Let me show you how to change your life and free yourself! Here’s all you have to do. Join “The Secret” To Quitting Smoking for Life! Program. I have designed the quit smoking for life program to help those that have tried everything and not managed to quit after failing time and time again. I have designed this program for you! The program is designed to change three different aspects of our identity as a smoker:

Our Conscious Mind (NLP)
Our Neurological systems (EFT)
Our Unconscious Mind (Hypnotherapy)

The reason why it is so successful is that you are a whole person. You only have one mind. You are not pieces of a person. You actually are a whole person. Whole. Just dealing with the unconscious mind using hypnotherapy only deals with one aspect of ourselves and not the whole. This is also true for any method you can research. They all only deal with one aspect of being human. All the quit smoking aids only deal with the physical addiction of nicotine and not the conscious mind or the Unconscious mind. That’s the secret. We are so complex, we are not pieces of a person. To end smoking for life requires a multifaceted approach. We must work together to change all of us not just a part. That is why “The Secret” To Quitting Smoking For Life! Has a 95% success rate. It attacks and deals with the problem as if you actually are a whole person. Which in fact you really are. You are a whole person with a single mind.

All you have to do to begin the process of taking back control of your life is click on the link below to sign up and schedule your session to change your life forever!


Change your life with
Quit Smoking Toronto

Stop smoking, chewing or vaping in one session with a lifetime guarantee. We have a 95% success rate!

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    • Zero side effects
    • Drug-free
    • Pain-free
    • No lasers
    • No patches
    • No withdrawal
    • No headaches
    • No cravings
    • No weight gain
    • No irritability
    • Breath easier
    • Restored energy
    • Smell great again
    • Add years to your life
  • Save thousands of dollars

Quit smoking is the single most crucial thing you can do to improve your health

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to quit. Here at Quit Smoking Toronto, we understand the difficulty with quitting smoking. We appreciate the health risks smokers face each and every day. At Quit smoking Toronto we appreciate that addictions reside in the subconscious mind and that’s where you must go for the solution. To quit smoking requires greater fortitude than the power that addiction has on your mind. This is why Hypnotherapy has the highest success rate of any “quit smoking” method. Here at Quit Smoking Toronto we use a proprietary method that combines the power of NLP with hypnotherapy to deliver a 95% success rate that is unmatched by any other form of smoking cessation program. That is why Quit Smoking Toronto gives a lifetime guarantee! If you pick up a single cigarette again we will put you through the program for absolutely free as long as the company exists. The methods 95% success rate is what sets us apart from everyone else and allows us to offer the lifetime guarantee.

Almost all smokers find it extremely difficult to kick their habit for good because smoking is extremely addictive due to the very high levels of the chemical nicotine found in cigarettes. This combined with its psychological addictive qualities makes it one of the hardest addictions to beat. Hypnotherapy is an extraordinary tool that is the most successful for people who wish to quit smoking in Toronto.

Ted Bradly - Quit Smoking Toronto


Hi, I’m Ted Bradley

Founder | Linguistic Programming & Advanced Hypnotherapy Specialist

Quit Smoking Toronto is committed 100% to the health and wellness of its clients. The company’s sole purpose is to improve the lives of smokers by assisting them in their transition to becoming addiction-free. Our focus is strictly on smoking and not other hypnotherapies like weight loss or stress management.

We are dedicated to your journey and excited to be a partner with you as you change your life and quit smoking once and for all.

Want To Transform Your Life?


It’s Time to Break Free of Cigarette Smoking and Get Your Life Back!

One of the reasons smokers light up is to satisfy a feeling that is pleasurable. Most people start smoking for emotional reasons and it also why it’s possible to change this habit by using Hypnotherapy. It’s the hypnotherapy that we use to change that emotional response. If your goal is to be a non-smoker, it is paramount that you address the root cause of your desire to smoke. The best way with the least side effects to quit smoking is by accessing the power of your subconscious mind. When you first started smoking you had to use your mind and willpower to overcome your body’s natural desire to not breathe in smoke. That’s how powerful the brain is, the brains power can overrule the body’s instincts but we will also use this power to help you quit smoking. We will use hypnotherapy to align your brain with your body’s natural instincts once again. To reconnect you with your natural state of health and wellness. This is one of the many reasons that chemical stop smoking programs only have a 30% success rate. It also why smokers try more than 11 times before they are able to quit smoking for longer than 1 month. Chemical stop smoking programs only deal with the symptoms and not the root cause! Plain and Simple!

Quit Smoking Toronto’s powerful stop smoking session will change your frame of reference to your addiction and align your conciseness mind with your subconscious mind. This will have you disliking any and all tobacco products whether its cigarettes, pot or chew.


To appreciate the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis, just think of hypnosis as a mechanical device and hypnotherapy as the use of that device. Hypnosis is the tool a hypnotherapist uses to solve an issue for a client. If a professional is using hypnosis to help a client overcome an issue than that professional is a hypnotherapist. To understand what a hypnotherapist does one must first understand the basics of what hypnotism is. Keep reading…

For some people, it’s a trick performed by a magician on a stage where the hypnotist tricks someone into acting silly like barking like a dog or squawking like a chicken. Others think it is something a con artist does to have someone do their evil bidding? The concept that a hypnotist can take over the minds of their subjects and control their actions is, of course, a media-driven myth. In a hypnotic trance state, you control all of your actions, you can hear everything around you, and you cannot be forced to do anything against your will. Keep reading…

Simply put, hypnotherapy is a form of therapy using the tool of hypnosis to help you achieve personal goals. As we drill down into it you will learn it is a much more complex form of therapy that uses our most powerful tool, our own mind. Hypnotherapy also uses different types of hypnosis to resolve personal issues both mental and physical. For example, addiction is not only a mental issue but it’s also a physical addiction that can highjack the body’s internal systems. Hypnotherapy will relieve your emotional burdens, sometimes referred to as emotional blocks to achieve your personal goals. Keep reading…

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